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People often say: corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise. Since its establishment, Dacheng has paid attention to the construction of corporate culture and improved corporate culture. Taste, improve the quality of the company's personnel.

In 2008, the key personnel of the company for more than 70 years went to Shantou Hengchuan Enterprise Management Consultant Company in batches to participate in training in business management and other aspects in order to improve the management quality and spirit of cooperation and coordination of the company's personnel.

Hire the senior management personnel of Shantou Hengchuan Enterprise Management Consultant Company to participate in the company's management and comprehensively improve the company's management level.

In 2008, the company built a new cultural propaganda column to publicize the company's development in a timely manner, show the company's development achievements to employees, reflect the voice of employees, and improve the company's cohesion.

In 2008, the company purchased satellite TV reception equipment, large-screen rear-projection TV, added sports equipment such as billiard tables and table tennis, and regularly organized employees to play basketball, table tennis, chess and other games, which enriched employees' amateur cultural life.

The monthly "Dacheng Newsletter" timely publicizes and reports the good people and good deeds of the company to employees, showing employees' good mental outlook and hard work, striving for progress, positive and enterprising demeanor, instilling the spirit of scientific management and improving the quality of employees. .

Scheduled to organize employees to travel on a regular basis to get close to nature, so that employees can relax and enjoy themselves physically and mentally after work, and cultivate their sentiments.

An employee welfare system has been established to timely subsidize employees who are in difficulty and need help, reduce their burden, and allow them to devote themselves to their work without worries.

According to the size of employees' contribution and working years, employees are given different levels of housing, transportation, seniority and other subsidies to motivate employees to work better and more stable. At present, there are many employees in the company who have worked for more than 10 years.

In June 2007, under the care and guidance of the Party Working Committee of Shipaotai Street, Jinping District, the company established a party branch. At present, the company has 7 party members, and several advanced members have submitted applications for party membership to the branch, and actively submitted to the party organization. move closer. The company's party members set an example and play an exemplary and leading role in product research and development, manufacturing, cultural promotion, etc., driving more employees to carry forward the spirit of ownership, actively participate in the company's operation, management and production, and promote the company to be better and faster. develop.

People-oriented, treating employees kindly, and treating employees as relatives are the consistent beliefs and practices of the company's top management.


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