About us

The 30-year journey has recorded the sonorous steps of Dacheng people;
30 years of experience has carried forward the special zone spirit of Dacheng people's hard work and daring to be the first;
The harvest of 30 years has witnessed Dacheng people grow up vigorously;
Three years of trials and hardships, overcoming obstacles, singing all the way, riding horses and whips forward;
Looking forward to the future, Dacheng people will definitely be farsighted and strive to create the next prosperity new era!

Message from the Chairman

30 years of spring flowers and autumn fruits, Dacheng has come all the way; 30 years of wind, frost, rain and snow have allowed Dacheng to thrive;

Over the past 30 years, I sincerely thank new and old friends from all walks of life for their great help. It is with your constant care and support that Dacheng has achieved today's business.

The original dream may not be what it is today, but my hobby and pursuit of the machinery industry have made me more and more determined on the way forward. After seeing the machinery made by developed countries in Europe and the United States, and then looking at the quality, efficiency and services provided by the early Chinese machinery, people feel a little doubt and disappointment. Building my own team, creating my own products, learning from international counterparts, and adding glory to the national industry have become my unswerving beliefs.

Learning, reference and innovation have become Dacheng's never-ending pursuit; keep improving, so that product quality will be better, more efficient, more energy-saving, durable, and more advanced in technology. The cooperation with Sichuan University and other colleges and universities has given Dacheng the wings to take off. After 30 years of hard work, Dacheng has been in a leading position in China's plastic machinery manufacturing industry.

The dream is to inspire Dacheng people to forge ahead bravely, to strive to become a leader in the Asian plastic machinery manufacturing industry within five years, and to compete with world-renowned enterprises on the same stage.

Chairman of Dacheng Group: Luo Qingqing


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